This podcast was all about change. You know, that thing that’s inevitable but we tend to resist anyway.

  • We start by talking a bit about change and about how the universe is the embodiment of change. All things are subject to involuntary change whether alive or dead. You are no different.

  • We talk about people that are reluctant to make necessary changes before we dive into people resisting inevitable changes. Those distinctions are important to understand.

  • I reference a blog post I wrote titled, Chapters, which you can read here.

  • Next we talk about the negative effects that result from resisting change and the effects of letting fear of change influence or control our lives.

  • Then we talk about the remedy: gratitude. Expressing gratitude for the things you have today is a sure way to live in the present and easily roll with the changes. When we do this we tend to accept things as they are and remove our attachments and expectations that we tend to place on everything. Gratitude is incompatible with sadness, anxiety, and depression.

  • And in this week’s Call-To-Action we add a daily routine. Every morning we begin the day with taking an inventory of the things we are grateful for and we express our gratitude out loud. This keeps up from mourning the loss of something we had yesterday or fearing the loss of something we have today. It grounds us in the present, where change has no power over us. This is a powerful tool that you should not overlook or dismiss.

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