This week’s episode is almost a continuation of last week’s episode. Last week we learned how and why to follow our questions. When you do this as a habit then you become a lifelong learner as a result. But that’s just a small slice of the pie that is lifelong learning:

  • I start by talking a bit about success, and how we all measure success differently. But any way we slice it we can’t escape the fact that we all, on some level, yearn to be successful. And lifelong learning is a great way to make it happen. The most successful people in the world are all lifelong learners and they advocate it constantly.

  • I tell a story about how I learned an arbitrary job during my active duty days in the military and how that seemingly meaningless job landed me an amazing job six years later. I do this to demonstrate that lifelong learning isn’t always going to give you instant gratification, but when it pays off it pays off big!

  • I dive into why most people don’t enjoy learning (hint* it’s because what we equate with learning is what we received in the education system, which is something else entirely) I then explain how true learning is completely different than your K-12 and college experience.

  • I expand what I mean by learning to include skills, hobbies, and disciplines. Learning information can be valuable, but individual pursuits define a good portion of who you are and how you identify. I explain how learning and pursuing these things permeates all aspects of your life in a positive way.

  • I go into the myriad methods and platforms you can learn on, and there are plenty.

  • I give a bit of encouragement to help you make learning enjoyable again and try and help us alter our attitudes towards learning.

  • In this weeks Call-To-Action we learn something new. And not something you need to learn (although that’s not a bad idea either), but something you genuinely want to learn. We define it and say it aloud and make it real. We identify the best learning methodology with which to pursue it. We make a plan and get after it.

  • Some final words of advice when it comes to learning. If you really want to learn something be interested. Be curious. Ask questions. Find answers. Be engaged. Enjoy it.

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