This podcast was short and sweet. We talked about a simple, yet powerful, concept. I’m talking about following your questions.

  • We start off by discussing how we are all in search of our authentic selves. But numerous distractions and external influences compete for our attention and it can be hard for us to filter it all out and hear our own voice. But the best way to do it? Easy. Follow your questions.

  • We were all born curious. But somewhere along the road of life many of us suppress this curiosity. We stop asking questions and we stop learning. This is unacceptable. We need to awaken that natural inquisitiveness and return to our childlike sense of wonder.

  • We discuss how the quality of our questions is as important as following our questions. I give 3 examples of typical questions people might ask in the same scenario. One of the questions will yield you no results. The next one will yield you some. And the last one will change your life. Asking high quality questions is critical for your growth and self-development.

  • In this week’s Call-To-Action we start using ourselves questions. We reawaken our slumbering curiosity and start asking high quality questions to ourselves. And then we find answers that will lead to actions, decisions, and behaviors, or we’re left with more questions, in which case we’ll find more answers and the cycle repeats itself.

  • This exercise sounds basic, but it’s not. It can seriously have a profound impact on your life. So start asking questions. And start it off with this one: What would my life look like if I gave my best everyday?

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