In this podcast we discuss resistance, your number one enemy on your path of growth and self-development. 

  • Tis podcast was based largely on the book, The War of Art, by Steven Pressfield. It's in my top 3 books of all time and I highly recommend anybody with any aspirations to give it a read. It's a short book and you can read it in about 2 hours. To can purchase it here.

  • Resistance can be tough to specifically define, but it is basically all that which prevents you from doing your work. This is not about your job. It's about the work that is essential for you to self-actualize, to become who you were destined to become. And when you attempt to pursue this difficult work you will be met by many obstacles, most of which are created within your own mind.

  • I tell you my story about overcoming resistance and it's related to starting this podcast and website. It took 5 years and 4 tries before I forced myself to finally follow through with this and the only thing that ever stood in my way was me. Or in other words, resistance.

  • We talk about external forms of resistance as well. Though most resistance comes from within, there is external resistance and you should become familiar with it so that you can identify and react to it.

  • Our Call-to-Action this week is about identifying and overcoming resistance. We're going to dust off an old goal that you never accomplished because resistance prevented it. We're going to make a list of the excuses (resistance) that prevented you from completing this goal. With this list in hand we're going to attack that goal again, ready for the resistance that will try and stop us. And we're going to overcome it.

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