In this episode we talk about the MBTI-style personality testing and how it can be used as a tool of growth and self-development in all aspects of your lives. Topics discussed include:

  • What the MBTI, or Meyers Briggs Type Indicator, is and what it tells us about ourselves.

  • The 4 sets of 2 opposites that make up the 16 unique personality types.

  • I go into introversion and extraversion, sensing and intuition, thinking and feeling, and judging and perceiving. Then we do a little guessing game to see if you can guess your personality type before you take the test.

  • I dig into my own results and explain how I can use them to inform my future actions and decisions. I identified some of my blind spots that need work and I learned what types of work best suit my style. 

  • I also had my wife do an MBTI and I explained where our 2 personality types would run into some troubles and how to work around them and how to maximize our strengths to improve our relationship. 

  • I also explain how this podcast was affected and influenced by the various aspects of my personality. 

  • So using my own results and life experiences I explained how I would use this tool to self-actualize. And then we moved on to this week's Call-to-Action. This week we take a personality assessment on It only takes about 12 minutes and the report it gives you (for free) is extremely valuable and actionable. 

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