In this episode we dive deep into inflammation, but more specifically chronic inflammation. Topics discussed:

  • Acute inflammation and how that process works and why it's absolutely essential to life.

  • Chronic Inflammation, also referred to as systemic inflammation or cellular inflammation. What is it and what diseases, disorders, and maladies is it starting to be connected to.

  • We introduce some of the major players which are pro-inflammatory cytokines, the free radical chain reaction, and AA/EPA ratios. Insulin resistance may be one of the largest contributors, but we don't address that until later in the episode.

  • Then we move into the various pathways that will lead you to be chronically inflamed and I give you 10 different pathways. You may not be affected by all of them, but I guarantee you are affected by at least a few of them.

  • The 10 pathways I explain are:

    1. The free radical chain reaction 

    2. Polyunsaturated fatty acids

    3. AA/EPA ratio also referred to as Omega-6/Omega-3 ratio.

    4. Gluten

    5. Lectins

    6. Insulin resistance

    7. Excess body fat, more specifically excess visceral fat

    8. Cortisol

    9. Chronic exercise

    10. Insufficient/inadequate sleep

  • Afterwards we talk about how 7 of those pathways are diet related and 3 are lifestyle related. 

  • And in our Call-to-Action we talk about the best ways to reduce or eliminate sources of chronic inflammation. This includes a ceiling on daily carbohydrate intake, some foods to avoid, some foods to add, as well as some possible supplements that can help you combat your inflammation. 

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