In this week’s episode we talk about meditation. It seems that meditation is being recommended more and more as a way for us to manage our hectic and busy minds and so I broke it down for us to understand from a modern and western perspective.

  • I begin the episode by giving you a glimpse into my own mind, which is usually very hectic and busy. It can sometimes seem like a traffic jam where every vehicle is a thought in my head. The road is blocked and an ambulance (aka the critical thoughts) can’t get by. And even while things are so congested that they’re standstill there’s still motorcycles whizzing by in between lanes. That’s what my mind feels like most of the time. And it’s a problem.

  • I break it down even further by explaining how we latch onto the negative thoughts and they get stuck inside our minds. We even start to identify with them over time and they wreak all sorts of havoc. I explain why with an excerpt from the book, The Happiness Hypothesis, by Jonathan Haidt.

  • I go on to explain how we get caught in these negative thought loops that we can’t break free from. And I remind us how over stimulated we all are, with our hectic schedules and appointments, digital addictions, constant worry, 24/7 work schedules, etc., and how this keeps us in a permanent state of fight or flight (aka sympathetic nervous system). And so we are always fried and burnt out, fatigued, sick, medicated, intoxicated, etc. We are simply too STRESSED.

  • And so we come to meditation. No magic. No mystical nonsense. No chakras. No energy healing. Forget everything you think you know about meditation. Instead think of meditation as a way to focus your attention in a non-analytical way. This quiets the mind, and can change some of our automatic thought processes, helps you connect with yourself, and deactivates that sympathetic fight or flight response, and allows you to let go of some of these attachments that aren’t serving you well.

  • A talk about the different kinds of meditation and we land on guided meditations as a starting point for us newbies with hectic lives and busy schedules. This is a no frills approach to meditating. We have a coach walk us through it every step of the way. No wondering about whether we’re doing it right or not. Just follow the instructions.

  • For this week’s CTA we start a meditation practice. No surprise there. I give you several options for starting including some app recommendations and youtube. Just choose the one that you connect with the most. And if you’re dealing with a specific thing like stress, or anxiety, or difficulty sleeping then search for a guided meditation that addresses that directly.

  • And then start your practice. 10 minutes a day. That’s all it takes to make the other 1430 minutes better. Remember, consistency is key. You can’t do it every couple of days. Try for 5 days a week. After 2 weeks you will notice results. And I also suggest you keep a journal and track your progress. Once you start experiencing the benefits you won’t want to stop.

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