In this week’s episode we talk all about setbacks, first, because learning to overcome setbacks is often what separates amateurs and professionals, but, second, because I’m in the middle of a setback myself.

  • So I introduce this topic by telling the listeners all about my marathon plan, which recently came unraveled due to some severe tendonitis. So since I’m knee deep in addressing this setback I figured it was the perfect time to do this episode.

  • After the introduction we define what a setback is and why they usually spell failure for most people. Quite simply, a setback tests you and your commitment to the goal.

  • So we need to know how to deal with a setback when one inevitably shows up and we do this with a 3 step process, which is regroup, recalibrate, and re-engage.

  • After I go into depth about how this process works I add some tips for dealing with setbacks. These tips address a few of the more common areas that tend to get people hung up.

  • And then we get into this week’s CTA. This week we do a post mortem on a goal that we failed to achieve. We look at errors in planning, errors in execution, and failure to overcome setbacks.

  • We apply what we learned today and ask ourselves if we still would’ve failed had we known what we know now.

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