In this episode we talk all about peers including how to create the best peer group possible as well as how to be a great peer.

  • We start by talking about how we all need a support network to make it through life. Nobody does it alone and succeeds.

  • Then we segue into what it takes to be a great peer and that can be broken down into 5 basic tenets: want for your peers that which you want for yourself, shore up their weaknesses with your strength and support, provide constructive feedback, hold them accountable, and accept the way things shake out in the end.

  • We talk about how you don’t always get to choose your friends and family and how they aren’t going to be in your corner 100% of the time. This is okay. Because we have other avenues to develop peer groups these days.

  • We can use the power of social media and podcasts to curate a peer group that aligns with our goals and mission. Its never been easier.

  • After that we talk a bit about trimming the fat. This can be very difficult for people to do, but in so many cases it’s necessary if you want to move forward. The truth is that people can easily hold you back and prevent you from becoming your best self. This is a price you shouldn’t have to pay. When somebody is bringing you down or degrading you or holding you back or keeping you stuck in old habits they need to go. Period.

  • And that brings us to this week’s CTA. This week we do a bunch of little things. First we evaluate our peer group and ask some critical questions. Does my peer group provide me with what I need to grow? Are they good peers to me? Am I a good peer to them? What can I do to improve the group? You need to have a great team and that takes work and it takes hard questions.

  • Next we go on our social media accounts and we add at least 5 people that are doing what we want to be doing and are crushing the game. These people are now your peers. They’ll show up in your feed and provide you with motivation and inspiration to get after it yourself.

  • Then we start listening to 1 or 2 podcasts every week that are also in the lane of what we’re trying to do. Like I said, we are curating a peer group that serves our interests and goals. Surround yourself with people that are doing what you want to be doing and I think you’ll soon find yourself doing the same thing.

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