In this episode we talk about judgment and opinions, two things we have way too much of these days.

  • I kick this one off talking about how the internet makes us all feel pretty smart. And then I talked about how most of us have unchecked egos. This combination alone makes us all feel like we’re the smartest person in any room. But when you add social media to the mix then you find other people that think just like you and wind up creating an echo chamber. At this point the only thing you ever hear is your own beliefs, opinions, and judgments repeated back to you. This is where you start to feel like the rest of the world should adopt your worldview. It’s a recipe for disaster.

  • But that’s what our society looks like these days. And it highlights the failures of our education system. We all learned a lot of facts, but none of us learned how to think critically and how to use the mind.

  • So while we all have opinions and we all pass judgments, we should really work to have less of them. They eventually turn into hardened convictions and we lost the ability to communicate with people that we disagree with. And that’s where America is at now.

  • Ask yourself how your excessive judgments and opinions has made your life better? How have they made you happier? Have they provided you with any value at all? I doubt it.

  • The truth is that judgments and opinions hold you back more often than not. They close off your mind and make you rigid in your thoughts. They inhibit your ability to feel empathy and your ability to relate to people. Is that something you want for yourself? You are the one who really suffers.

  • Next we talk about how to form a judgment or opinion properly since there’s no way to completely avoid it. The 2 key elements are this: remove yourself from the equation because people are flawed, full of ego, emotionally biased, etc. and make sure you don’t have a desired outcome. When you know what you want the conclusion to be your mind will find ways to make it so, regardless of the facts and evidence.

  • In this week’s CTA we try and make as few judgments and opinions as possible for the next week. This is done in a 4 step process. Listen to the episode to get the full details.

  • The main takeaway is not to be living in a state of self-deception and ignorance for the sake of your judgments and opinions. You are the one who pays the price for it.

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