This week’s episode is all about control. We all wish we had more of it, and we all have less of it than we think.

  • We kick off the podcast with an anecdote about a time in my life where I thought everything was out of my control.. and it was. But only after the fact did I understand that it was never in my control to begin with.

  • This story leads us into the 2 universal truths that form the foundation of this episode. First, we all wish we had more control, up to and including having absolute control over our lives and the lives of those around us. Second, control, itself, is entirely an illusion.

  • I showcase a few examples of our constant attempts to control how we’re perceived and I talk about my theory that the fear of flying is actually a manifestation of the need for control. I also touch on the ways that needing control above all else severely limits your life and what you’re willing to do and engage in.

  • I talk about the result of always trying to control outcomes that are beyond your control: anxiety.

  • Then we talk about how control, itself, is merely an illusion and most of the things you think you control are actually things that you probably barely even influence.

  • Then I go into some hard truths that we all must reconcile in our lives or death will reconcile them for us. But the main takeaway is that we are passengers on this ride and our energies are better spent focused on the few things we do control, mainly how we react and respond to the things that happen to us.

  • And that brings us to this week’s CTA. This week we engage in some stoicism. All day every day, with every situation that arises, we ask ourselves: Is this something that I can, or can not, control. If it is within your control it’s worth every ounce of your energy and focus. If it’s something that you don’t control then every ounce of energy and focus you put into it is wasted forever. Try this and see how it improves your life.

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