This episode was all about comfort. We all tend to crave comfort, but we also need to recognize it for what it is. There aren’t many notes for this one:

  • The main takeaway here is that comfort is a state of stagnation. Within comfort you aren’t being challenged, you aren’t progressing, you aren’t getting better. You are simply coasting along.

  • This is not a good condition for those of us that want to become our best selves. We need to learn to despise the constant comfort that other’s seek and take refuge in.

  • To become who you want to be you must become extremely comfortable with discomfort. If you can push through discomfort then you can accomplish just about anything.

  • For this week’s CTA we start training our bodies and minds to get comfortable amidst discomfort. And we do this by cold exposure a la Wim Hof. We start by ending our showers on the coldest setting and learning to relax within the cold water. Each day we spend a little bit more time in the cold until we can do 2 minutes and be completely relaxed and breathing easy. This is a great step towards becoming comfortable in uncomfortable situations. It’s something you can fall back on when you’re current situation is getting uncomfortable.

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