This episode was all about time, our most precious and limited resource.

  • There aren’t many notes for this podcast. Basically my goal was to get you, the listener, to re-evaluate the way you view time. We all pretend our time on earth is infinite, and that prevents us from doing our important work now. We rationalize everything by saying, “there’s always tomorrow.”

  • But there’s not always tomorrow. And we don’t know when we’ll run out of tomorrows. So we need to treat today like it’s our last day.

  • I relate the story of my father’s death to demonstrate how time humbled me and taught me countless valuable lessons, though at great personal cost. And I relate how I was repeating the mistake of my father even after seeing him regret them on his deathbed.

  • So, again, I double down on the value of time, of how precious it is, and how little of it we really have.

  • In this week’s CTA we take a long look at our lives up until this point and ask some hard questions. If it all ended tomorrow, what would your legacy be? How would you be remembered? How much did you leave un-done? What would you regret? We go deep on these questions because the answers provide the insights you need to live your life properly from this day forward.

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