This podcast was all about ego. What it is in layman’s terms and how it can hinder you on your path of growth and self-development.

  • We start by defining ego a few different ways and then finishing with the definition we’ll use for the purpose of this podcast. Ego is an unhealthy belief in your own self-importance. That’s how Ryan Holiday explains it in his book Ego is the Enemy and I draw on this book quite a bit in this podcast.

  • I give some examples that can let you know if your ego is running rampant in any areas of your life.

  • Then we else into a few other ways the ego tries to dictate the terms of our life and we declare ego the enemy of the things we want to achieve in this life.

  • I ramble on about how destructive the ego can be and how easily it can do extreme harm while convincing you that you are doing right.

  • Then we discuss why we can’t get rid of the ego completely. It is a part of our identity, a part of us. Eradicating it is not an option. Tempering it is the solution.

  • And that brings us to this week’s Call-to-Action. We begin the process of managing the negative aspects of our egos. And we do this by: focusing on learning instead of validation, developing an appetite for discovering our shortcomings, focusing on what’s right instead of who’s right, and by walking a mile in other’s shoes.

  • Managing your ego is no easy task. Especially while the ego is telling you sweet little lies all day long. But with practice and time all things are possible.

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