On this episode we talk about presence, and our lack thereof:

  • I start by talking about our anxious world and how we are all living for the future to the extent that it becomes living IN the future.

  • We’re all starting to lose the ability to be present in our day to day lives and this is a problem. Because the only way to truly experience anything is to be fully in the moment when it happens.

  • For this podcast I draw heavily on the book, The Wisdom of Insecurity, by Alan Watts. This is hands down the best book I’ve ever read. Read it!

  • We talk of our habit of constantly reviewing happy memories and having expectations of the future. We talk of how this also causes you to have fear, worry, and anxiety about the future. We are causing ourselves to suffer for things that haven’t happened yet and likely never will.

  • I break down multiple passages from The Wisdom of Insecurity to make my point that we are all so distracted that we are barely here at all at any given time. When this is the case you will never experience life because you were never really there for any of it. This explains how mental health is declining so rapidly while standard of living is rising exponentially.

  • We talk about what presence is, really. We define it in simple terms. But the execution is far from simple. Our world is tailored towards not being present and it’s a daily struggle to reclaim it.

  • So in this week’s Call-to-Action we focus on being more present in our day to day lives. We block out a chunk of our day where we can eliminate all distractions and really focus on being present with all of our faculties. When we learn this the smallest moments become significant and meaningful. Because after all, life is only a succession of small moments from birth to death.

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