This week’s podcast was all about journaling and how it can be a key ally on your path of growth and self-development.

  • So journaling at it’s core is simply a dialogue with yourself. Our world is inundated with external stimuli and most of us never take the time to touch base with ourselves.

  • We talk about critical thinking for a bit and how it is not taught and discouraged in America.

  • Then we discuss shy a dialogue with yourself is so important.

  • Next, we discuss a few different types of journaling you can use to get started on this. They are gratitude journaling, collection journaling, goal setting journaling, self-exploration journaling, stress-management journaling, and finally prompted journaling.

  • So even though there are a lot of different styles of journaling, I find that a combination of all of them work best for me.

  • I also talk about how I think that a pen and paper is the way to go. You’re handwriting moves at the proper speed to stay in sync with your mind. Typing just allows your words to get too far ahead of your mind and the results are that your entries suffer as a result.

  • This week’s Call-to-Action is to start a journaling practice. I want you to choose at least one of the styles I mentioned earlier and start writing in it for ten minutes a day. Get in touch with yourself and reconnect and see how this can quickly become a huge factor in your growth and self-development.

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