In this episode we talk about the Beginner’s Mind and how we can use it to learn things quickly and more easily:

  • We start by talking about how our modern age influences us in a way that makes it difficult to learn.

  • Then we discuss how most of us approach learning these days and how most of us reach a point in life and decide to stop learning.

  • Next we discuss the barriers we erect on front of ourselves that present learning. Namely, expectations, assumptions, pre-conceived notions, ego.

  • As an example we discuss how and why children learn things so fast and easily.

  • This leads us into the “I don’t know” attitude which is the essence of the beginner’s mind.

  • I tell a story about how I used the beginner’s mind to accomplish a difficult task.

  • And that leads us into this week’s Call-To-Action where we learn something new while adopting the Beginner’s Mind.

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