In this episode we dive into how to discover purpose and meaning in your life and why it’s such an important and worthy task.

  • We start by talking about this perfect world we’ve created and how maybe it’s not so perfect after all. Comfort and ease seem to remove the requirement for purpose and meaning and many of us are left with a void inside.

  • We talk about Vitor E. Frankl’s 3 sources of meaning from his groundbreaking book, Man’s Search for Meaning. And then we break each source down to their nuts and bolts.

  • Then we spend a good deal of time talking about our life’s task, the reason we were put here on this earth. I reference a few episodes to guide you through what holds you back. The episodes referenced are episode 5 on Fear and episode 7 titled Follow Your Questions.

  • Then I tell you all about my life’s task and how I arrived at it.

  • And then in this week’s Call-To-Action we search for and discover our purpose. We write it down. We make it real. We acknowledge it for what it is. Because once we make it real, then we can begin the planning and work necessary to make it happen.

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