In this episode we talk about suffering, why to live is to suffer, how we inflict unnecessary suffering on ourselves, and more.

  • We kick this episode off by talking about why to live is to suffer. Everybody suffers and it can’t be avoided so we need another option in dealing with it.

  • After discussing the common way we suffer we talk about the most common way that nobody understands. That is attachment. Attachment to ideas and desires, attachment to the way you want things to be at the expense of the way things actually are.

  • We talk about how the unfulfillment of our desires causes endless and needless suffering.

  • We then discuss suffering caused by the existential vacuum. In his book, Man’s Search for Meaning, Viktor E. Frankl talks about this vacuum. Reduced to lowest terms, the existential vacuum is a lack of purpose or meaning on one’s life. And this void causes immense suffering.

  • In our Call-to-Action we reflect on the ways we suffer and identify whether it’s the result of attachment, the existential void, or both.

  • We do a meditation where we acknowledge this attachment and focus on acceptance of our life as it is.

  • We postpone the existential vacuum until next week, where the whole episode will be about finding purpose and meaning in your life.

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