The Thinker's Apprentice is a podcast dedicated to growth and self-development. 

I know and meet so many people with the desire to learn something new, to accomplish something difficult, to achieve something great, to simply be better, but they never execute. 

Too often (every single time) the resistance exists solely in the mind. I've watched from the sidelines for years before I couldn't stand it anymore. Watching people I care about stagnate started having a negative impact on me.


Thus, The Thinkers Apprentice was born. The Thinker's Apprentice is my attempt to rectify the aforementioned situation. We all have that voice in the back of our minds that tells us what we could be, what we want to be. Call it our superhero self, our most ideal expression of who we are and what we can be. What keeps us from bringing this version of ourselves into the light? Our current selves.

A snake that can't shed its skin must perish. It's no different with a person. For you to become who you were meant to be requires you to grow as a human. To do this you must shed your current skin.

But I'm here to help. The Thinker's Apprentice Podcast was designed to help you along in this process. Every week we'll dive into an aspect of growth and self-development. I'll explain what it is, why it matters, and how you can exercise it to achieve growth.

To grow requires courage. You must walk to the shore of your comfort zone, jump in a canoe, and start rowing into the open ocean, the unknown. You're embarking on the Hero's Journey. I'll be your compass and together we'll become better.

Welcome to The Thinker's Apprentice.