So every plan has its setbacks. So far my plan to run a marathon has been nothing but setbacks. I had a cold that morphed into a sinus infection (probably because I kept training). Then my knees both started getting pretty serious tendonitis, but mostly the left knee. That one was reconstructed in 2014 after a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu injury.

So I did my long run on Monday. It was a ten miler and I maintained an 8 minute mile pace throughout it. But my knees were hurting by mile 6 and I kept going. When I woke up Tuesday my legs were jelly and my joints were inflamed. The legs got better, but my joints stayed inflamed all week.

So this week I got in 25% of my training only. Now I am going to go to a running specialty store and have them choose a shoe that is best for the amount of miles I’m trying to do. I think that was my main problem. I’ve been running in the Nike Free, which is a minimalist shoe and I’m a heel striker.

So I’m going to get that ironed out and ease back into it with a 5 or 6 miler and see how things go. I’m not deterred from my goal in any way. Setbacks happen and they happen often. This is true of any endeavor in life. I won’t be defined by my setbacks. I’ll sort them out and keep hammering.